Image specifications


where to send images

The artworks are to be sent by email to the address

You can send us in the most convenient way for you: Google Drive link, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Zip file etc… Your first batch of images needs to include at least 10 images.

Please note we are working on a self-serve platform and hope this will be available very soon for all artists.


Image specs


Format JPEG


< 1Mb

if you can’t make it under 1Mb please do your best to approach it

We recommend using the tool on to easily reduce the size of your images.


You can share one of the following resolutions:

Regular resolution:

  1. Rectangular for phones: 1440px x 2560px, 72 dpi
  2. Square for tablets: 2662px x 2662px, 72 dpi


4K resolutions:

  1. Rectangular for phone: 2160px x 3840px, 72 dpi‬
  2. Square for tablets: 3840px x 3840px, 72 dpi

For 4K images, if you can’t make it under 1Mb please do your best to approach it

File names

We use your file names as the titles to be shown on the app under each image. Please take a moment to think of an interesting and unique title for each of your images. A good title can also help you get more downloads.

Please don’t include dots in your file name.

Please add the resolution of the image to your title.

Example of a good title: “Bright lights 1440×2560.jpg”

Content restrictions Please respect Google & Apple guidelines regarding the content. That means no nudity, sexually explicit images, image that contain a type of hate speech, violence etc.. If in doubt about an image have a look here: or ask us for advice.
Copyright We want Walli to be a clean platform that respects artistic work. Share on Walli only images which you are confident about being your original work. Don’t copy other artists, create images that are very close to copyrighted characters like superheroes or other fictional characters. In case of a copyright infringement on some else’s work you are fully responsible and risk legal action to be filed against you.
Profile Picture If you it’s the first time you are sending us your images, please also join a profile picture in a square resolution of at least 800px

If you have any questions about your participation on Walli please reach out to

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