Image specifications

Image specifications


NEW! We have a self-serve artist admin panel now where you can submit your images. Simply log in with your Walli account to our Walli Artist Admin Panel.

Read carefully the image specs below before submitting images.

If you are having trouble to log in or have any other questions please contact us at [email protected]


Image specs

Format JPEG


< 4Mb, as close as possible to 2Mb

if you can’t make it under 2Mb please do your best to approach it

We recommend using the tools or ImageOptim to easily reduce the size of your images.


You can share one of the following resolutions:

Regular resolution:

  1. Rectangular for phones: 1008px x 2184px, 72 dpi
  2. Square for tablets: 2662px x 2662px, 72 dpi


4K resolutions:

  1. Rectangular for phone: 1890px x 4096px, 72 dpi‬
  2. Square for tablets: 3840px x 3840px, 72 dpi

– Make uploading of square version not necessary

For 4K images, if you can’t make it under 1Mb please do your best to approach it


Please use only closely relevant tags to your images and tags that describe the main elements of your image.

For example, if you have a flower in a little corner of the image but it’s not the main element in the image don’t use the tag “flowers”. Users that search for “flowers” expect to see images with flowers being the main element of the image.

We review all images and if we find a tag that is not relevant we will reject the image. Multiple image rejections in the case of abusive use of irrelevant tags can cause a rejection of the artist from Walli. 

File names Please don’t include dots in your file name to avoid upload errors.
Content restrictions Please respect Google & Apple guidelines regarding the content. That means no nudity, sexually explicit images, images that contain a type of hate speech, violence, etc.. If in doubt about an image have a look here: or ask us for advice.
Copyright We want Walli to be a clean platform that respects artistic work. Share on Walli only images which are your original work. Don’t copy other artists, create images that are very close to copyrighted characters like superheroes or other fictional characters. In case of copyright infringement on some else’s work you are fully responsible and risk legal action to be filed against you.

If you have any questions about your participation on Walli please reach out to [email protected]

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